New sandbox farming game Southfield announced


Publisher Private Divison and developer Radical Forge, devs that have worked on Gang Beasts and Sea of Thieves, have announced Southfield, a new sandbox farming game.

Southfield is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and will have a playable demo during the latest Steam Next Fext, in February.

“Southfield is the culmination of a huge amount of imagination, trial and error, and sheer hard work by the Radical Forge team. We wanted to create an ambitious, silly farming game with ridiculous characters in a fantastical world.” said Bruce Slater, CEO and Game Director. “Most of all, we wanted to build an island that generates fun’. And now we can get it into Early Access and see what you think. For me, this is where the game will take on a new life, and the players will take it in directions we can’t even imagine.”

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a reveal trailer:

Welcome to Southfield

Southfield is no ordinary island, and this is no ordinary farming game. Combine cartoony crops with chaotic effects, and customise your farm with fun toys and machines to automate your harvest. Whether you’re a solo explorer, or you’re looking for a new destination to play with friends – Southfield is the place to be!


  • Combine Chaotic Crops – Things grow differently in Southfield, so you’ll quickly learn to expect the unexpected. Your harvest could bounce, go boom, chime a tune, or change shape. We’re talking about crops that radiate, illuminate, even levitate, and that’s before you mix crops together to create something entirely new! Complete quests, experiment with crops, and check off combinations in your trusty Almanac.
  • Be More Bud – You’re a Bud. A big, bouncy Bud, freshly sprouted from the land itself. Nobody knows where these delightfully silly creatures came from, but now it’s your job to help these uncoordinated island dwellers navigate farm life. Flip, flop and fling yourself into all kinds of physics-based fun. Play online with up to three other Buds, and give yourselves a unique look with customisable colours and quirky outfits.
  • Experiment with Machines – As your farm grows, so does your to-do list! Free up time for more tractor racing and lily-pad jumping with fun farming automation. From trampolines to air cannons, there’s a myriad of toys and machines to help you get the most out of each harvest. Use these same tools to build obstacle courses or life-sized pinball machines for you and your friends.
  • Build your own way – Go wild with creative sandbox tools to construct super unique builds in Southfield! Treat your Buds like royalty with their very own stone castle, or live a simpler life in little wooden lodgings. With plenty of materials and customisations to create your dream farmstead, the sky is (literally) the limit… Buds don’t belong in space.
  • Beware the Ruffians – Buds aren’t the only inhabitants of this strange and unpredictable island. As night settles, a shadow grows, a mysterious Monolith looms, and out come the Ruffians. Southfield’s spectral mischief makers are out to cause chaos for you and your crops, and it’s up to you to defend yourself and your farm. Contend with wild weather, protect your harvest, help the other island-dwellers, and restore balance to Southfield – even if your Bud loses balance along the way.
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