Soundodger + coming to Steam this Friday

The updated version of the free flash game Soundodger released on Adult Swims’ website earlier this year is coming to steam this Friday. If you’re not familiar with the title, you play as a small white circle stuck inside of a larger circle trying to avoid spikes shooting at you from every angle in relation to the music playing. So if the tempo speeds up, so does the speed of the spikes coming at you. The complexity of the music also comes into play, creating some very cool and deadly patterns of spikes when the music is kicked up a notch.

 The steam version titled Soundodger + will include 23 tracks by various artists including indie game composers Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy) and Disasterpiece (Fez) among others. The full list of artists include Bean, Bill Kiley, D.Wright, Delasurus, Ghost Kollective, Lifeformed, Louis Gorenfield, Mike Forst, North Base, Sonic, Chelsea Howe, Austin Wintory, and Anoctave. If none of the artists seem appealing to you Soundodger + procedural generates levels based on any music you add to the game. I for one am excited to see the kind of insanity something like Death Metal will create, it may very well make your eyes (and ears) bleed.

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