Sound Of Freedom movie tops $100 million at box office

Sound of Freedom

Angel Studios recently-released anti-child trafficking film Sound of Freedom has topped $100 million in box office sales.

The new milestone (via Deadline) was reached a bit over two weeks since its premiere, 16 days since release (Editor’s Note: It actually topped $127 million at the time of writing). The sales are a huge success considering the film was produced on a meager $14.5 million budget.

The Sound of Freedom movie surged in popularity due to its message of hope and its star, Jim Cavaziel, appealing to conservative and Christian movie-goers.

Another factor with the film’s massive success is its ingenius promotion – a pay it forward program – which fans crowdfunded free tickets for people who can’t afford it. This led to the movie raking in nearly 12 million more tickets solely through their pay it forward program.

Sound of Freedom follows the true story of federal agent Tim Ballard (Jim Cavaziel) who tracks down pedophiles and/or child traffickers. After a series of events lead to him questioning his life, Ballard starts a mission to South America to rescue children from child traffickers in Colombia.

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