Soul Sacrifice is Free Today on Playstation Plus

soul sacrifice art 1

Sony has revealed that Soul Sacrifice, the dark, twisted and yet simply amazing action RPG for Playstation Vita, is going to be free today for Playstation Plus members.

The game is quite a departure for Keiji Inafune and his team at Comcept, most of which are veterans of games like the Mega Man series, among others at Capcom. Let’s recap what the game is all about, in case you never played this excellent title. In Soul Sacrifice, you play as a captured sorcerer or sorceress who must live out memories of a twisted, evil wizard, through a book called Librom.

You slowly build up your power by reliving these horrific memories through Librom, ultimately leading up to you confronting Magusar himself. One of the coolest things about Soul Sacrifice, in my opinion, is the backstory behind each monster, and how they were once humans or normal animals.

In their striving for power, they corrupted and twisted their bodies into abominations, losing their humanity and becoming complete monsters. You have to balance what types of spells you use in the game, namely sacrificing body parts for power or using clean magic that requires no sacrificing.

Soul Sacrifice is getting a brand new, fully upgraded version titled simply Soul Sacrifice Delta, which is set for release next March. Coming from that, Inafune also promised a complete sequel to Soul Sacrifice after Delta’s release.

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