Magical girl metroidvania game Sophie: Starlight Whispers gets publisher Astrolabe

Sophie: Starlight Whispers

Pixel Trash has announced Astrolabe Games will be the publisher for Sophie: Starlight Whispers, their magical girl metroidvania game.

Sophie: Starlight Whispers will be published by Astrolabe when it launches for PC via Steam and unannounced consoles, though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

At the beginning: a girl blamed by an entire kingdom

Unknown creatures of darkness have attacked the kingdom of Sharan and unleashed an incurable disease upon its citizenry. Sophie finds herself unaffected by the disease and realizes that she’s the only one who can repel the Darkness. However, the citizen of Sharan became suspicious of her due to her immunity, believing that she is the reason behind all their pain and suffering. Sophie refuses to give up in the face of adversity; with encouragement from a few mysterious friends, she puts her courage and magical abilities to the test and tries to unravel the many mysteries.

Gameplay: Exploring freely in the fairy-tale kingdom of Sharan

Traveling through the Kingdom of Sharan, you will find a perfect blend of magnificent landscapes, touching stories and ferocious battles. The journey is not just about making progress with the main storyline: you are always free to explore Sharan’s many hidden corners, forge friendship with the characters you encounter, or engage in combat to hone your magical skills.

A dynamic and remarkable combat system: a symphony of sword and magic

After embarking on her journey to fight against the Lord of Darkness, Sophie initially fights by wielding her longsword with dashes and jumps. As she explores further, Sophie will gradually learn four types of magic spells: Offensive, Medicinal, Spatial and Psychic. With various spells in hand, you can mix and match in four slots according to your personal preference, building your basic strategy, complementing the sharp edge of the sword with unexpected magic attacks. They will see you through the darkest part of the battle.What’s more, the environment itself offers unexpected boosters at every turn. Pay attention to all that’s around you—some plants can restore sprint energy while others will replenish your Essence. Be brave and resourceful, and you will find help wherever you go.

Immersive game experience: a rich fantasy world

The Kingdom of Sharan features diverse and stunning locales as well as many unique characters. You will also encounter a large number of collectible items and varied puzzle challenges. Throughout her journey, Sophie will have to weigh many different possibilities and advices; together with the intricate story, they create a finely-drawn atmosphere. The highly detailed and dynamic graphics, paired with a spectacular soundtrack, creates an extraordinary and immersive experience.

Rich RPG elements: experiencing the journey with Sophie

With help from her newfound companions, Sophie gradually acquires a variety of spells and incantations in her battle against the Darkness. There is also a variety of collectible magic accessories that can aid her when her back is against the wall. Of course, as she gains more experience, Sophie’s skill level will also grow. The game contains a wealth of RPG elements that enhances your fighting style.

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