Sony’s CEO and Key Executives Take 50% Pay Cut and No Bonus Prior to 2013 Earnings Call

sony executives 05-13-14-1

While the Playstation division is doing very well for Sony at the moment, the rest of the company isn’t doing too hot. In a report from The Wall Street Journal, we’ve learned that CEO and President of Sony, Kaz Hirai, is going to take a 50% percent pay cut while also turning down his annual bonus.

Word of his voluntary pay cut comes alongside other undisclosed high level executives within Sony also taking pay cuts in a showing of solidarity within the company. Tomorrow (or depending on what you consider the next day as I’m writing this just past midnight), Sony will publish their earnings and losses for the fiscal year of 2013.

Their numbers are reportedly going to be in the red, making this the fourth time they’ve posted a loss in five years. Despite the fact that Sony has revealed plans to sell off it’s PC business, corner the 4K TV market, and even shed off some of its assets like the majority stock in Square Enix, the company is still going to post a loss somewhere around $1.07 billion, a huge gap from its predicted $489 million profit for 2013.

We’ll keep you guys posted


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