Sony unveils Project Leonardo accessibility controller for PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 Project Leonardo Thumbnail

During CES 2023, Sony has revealed Project Leonardo for the PlayStation 5. It’s designed as a customizable accessibility controller kit.

The new controller was designed for gamers who have disabilities which may make it difficult to use traditional controllers. Users are able to customize the controller to fit their needs and preferences.

Customizing the controller by moving around buttons and being able to connect it with another Project Leonardo controller, or even a standard PlayStation 5 controller.

Beyond physical customization, users will also be able to set each button to a function they wish to perform. For example, they state that one could set a button to act as if both the L2 and R2 button were pressed at the same time.

This new controller will go alongside Sony’s other recently announced controller, which is expected to come out later this month at a price of $199.



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