Sony, Microsoft, EA, 2K, and Others May Have Been Hacked (Again)


Hacker group DerpTrolling have over the weekend allegedly released the private information of more than 5000 users of the PlayStation Network, 2K Game Studios, and Windows Live, and claimed to have much more data that they’ve collected not just from the above but also EA Origins, Twitter, Facebook, Comcast, and other online services and organizations.

A person claiming to be part of the group had previously asserted that DerpTrolling would not leak customer data, but they seem to have changed tack in an effort to get their message noticed. The self-identified pro-consumer group claims not to want to hurt users, but only to warn companies that they should upgrade their servers and security measures in order to prevent such attacks from succeeding.

This isn’t the first time that online gaming-related services have experienced problems with hackers. Xbox Live, EA (recently), PSN (repeatedly, stretching all the way back to 2011), Bethesda, Blizzard (also repeatedly), and many more companies and services semi-regularly experience attempts by third parties to take them offline and/or get at their users’ data.

None of the affected parties have responded to the situation yet. Consider changing your login details if you use any of the online services or organizations listed above.

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