Sony reveals TV series for Horizon, God of War, and Gran Turismo franchises

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Sony CEO Jim Ryan has revealed they plan on expanding their cinematic production with more TV shows based on their biggest franchises.

Ryan confirmed Sony is planning new TV series based on their Horizon, God of War, and Gran Turismo franchises (via David Gibson). The Horizon series will be on Netflix, God of War will be on Amazon, and Gran Turismo has yet to reveal where they will be airing.

The reveal with God of War confirms a long standing rumor there would be a television series for the IP. Details are scant for any of these series, such as what the plot lines would focus on and if important characters would make an appearance. In the case of Gran Turismo, it’s not even certain what characters would be in the series as they’re racing games focused on circuit races with no proper story.

This appears to continue a line of efforts by Sony to expand their gaming IPs to other mediums of entertainment. Most recently their Uncharted film, which released earlier this year, found success at the box office. And with other releases of video game IPs into mediums of TV, like that Paramount+’s Halo series, and Nintendo bringing Mario to the big screens, Sony has good reason to attempt to keep up the efforts against their competition.

What do you think of this news? Are any of these series something you would consider watching when they release?

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