Sony Filed a New Trademark for Arc the Lad

arc the lad art 1

It seems that Sony might be gearing up for a reboot (or sequel) of the classic Playstation exclusive JRPG series, Arc the Lad. If you’ve never heard of the series or played it, that’s understandable as it was released after the launch of the Playstation 2, and many popular Final Fantasy games as well, like Final Fantasy X.

Getting back on topic, Sony has filed for a new trademark for Arc the Lad, on November 22nd. The mark is for “computer game software, video game software, video game machine for use with televisions for personal use, computer and video games on CD ROMs; and video game cartridges.” You can view the mark here, but the session might expire, so use the serial number 86126314 as a reference.

So, what do you guys think – worth a revival, or should other Playstation greats be first?



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