Sons of the Forest hits massive launch with over 350,000 players

Sons Of The Forest 350,000 Peak Player Launch Thumbnail

Sons of the Forest finally came out in some form after multiple delays and even a shift to launching in Early Access.

Despite all these setbacks, the game has come out to massive success as according to SteamDB, as the title managed to hit a peak player count of 350,105.

For comparison the previous game, The Forest, only had a peak of 76,226 players, according to SteamDB.

The previous game’s milestone was still an impressive number, as that occurred back in October 2022, over 4 years since its initial launch.

To reiterate, as of now Sons of the Forest is an Early Access title and will be actively developed while players can play it early.

According to developer Endnight Games, they plan on having it stay in Early Access for 6-8 months before the game is fully released. However, they also state that “this could change”.

Sons of the Forest is available now on PC (via Steam) as an Early Access title.



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