Sonic Mania for PC Launched With Denuvo DRM – New Patch Removes it

Sega has launched Sonic Mania for PC, and with the PC launch came an unpleasant surprise: the game had Denuvo DRM attached to it, meaning you literally can’t play the game unless you’re connected to the internet.

This naturally got many fans upset as there was no prewarning this was going to be how the PC version functions. Seeing as the game features a blue hedgehog that absolutely has to go fast, the company has quickly addressed the Denuvo complaints of users – by removing the online requirement entirely.

“The Sonic Mania PC offline play bug has now been patched. Thanks for your patience and let us know if you experience any further problems,” the company said in a Tweet update. In a previous update, the company noted that Sonic Mania “is intended to be played offline.”

Sega also noted they’re looking into things like controller support, with all PC specific things being addressed by Christian Whitehead and the rest of the team. Denuvo DRM makes various checks throughout your game to verify that you’re online, ensuring you don’t have the same game license running on multiple computers. It’s been cracked on other titles, but it takes time.

In case you missed it, you can find my review for Sonic Mania here (I absolutely love and recommend the game!).

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