Sonic Colors Ultimate Wisp Spotlight Trailer

Sonic Colors Ultimate

Sega have released a gameplay trailer for Sonic Colors Ultimate, highlighting the various wisp power-ups players can obtain.

As previously reported, the original Sonic Colors launched in 2010 for Wii and Nintendo DS. Sonic pursues Dr. Eggman to his Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park; a seemingly altruistic endeavor hiding him destroying planets from across the universe and harvesting the energy of alien creatures called Wisps.

Sonic can use these Wisps to boost through stages, or gain incredible transformations to move blast through levels and foes; such as Laser, Drill, Hover, Spikes, and Frenzy. New improvements include races against Metal Sonic, customization options, the new Jade Ghost Wisp, improved graphics, and a fully remixed soundtrack.

The new gameplay trailer focuses on the Wisps in the game. White Wisps improve your boost gauge to barrel through foes, Cyan turns you into a laser to bounce off gems, Pink turns you into a spiky ball that can run up walls and ceilings, and Green lets you hover and dash through lines of rings.

Orange turns you into a rocket to blast high into the air, Blue turns blue rings into boxes (and vice-versa), Yellow lets you burrow through the ground and water, and Purple turns you into a chomping monster to rampage through the level. The new Jade Ghost Wisp lets Sonic phase through solid objects- reaching hidden areas- while also being able to ram into foes.

You can find the Wisp Spotlight below.

Sonic Colors Ultimate launches September 7th for Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store, and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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