Sonic and the Moon Facility is Overflowing With Classic Sonic Charm

Fans of the Sonic community are continuing to uphold the spirit of the original 2D games as a new one in the form of “Sonic and the Moon Facility” is coming.

The game is a tribute to the earlier 2D side-scrolling Sonic games, and speed is clearly a vital aspect as players traverse levels laden with enemies.

A short Q&A was placed in the comments section of the announcement trailer:

Q-Is this a sequel to Sonic and the Fallen Star?
A-It’s just the next StarDrop game. It’ll be more similar to Fallen Star than anything else, but the story won’t be a direct sequel.

Q-Android port?
A-Due to Clickteam’s shoddy exporter, sadly no.

Q-What about Mac and Linux?
A-Not completely off the table like Android, but we don’t really have a reliable way to test it, so most likely not.

Q-Is it just Sonic and Tails as playable characters?
A-We’ll reveal more in the future on that. All I’ll say is no (playable) Knuckles

Q-Will you be fixing from Fallen Star?
A-We intend for this game to be better than SATFS in every way. Every major criticism has been addressed. Here’s a slightly more in-depth thread on the level design:

Q-Who’s doing what (music, art etc.)?
A-The music is done by Misty and Hollie with some outside help. I’m responsible for 90% of everything else, with help from Vgf_88 for a lot of sprites. We’re also using Nihil (and crew)’s Core Framework.

Q-How did you have such a fast turnaround time since Fallen Star? It’s only been a year.
A-We didn’t start in July when SATFS released. SATFS had it’s first finished beta build in January 2022, which is when Moon Facility started development, but work was even being done before.

Q-Speaking of turnaround time, anything resembling a release date?
A-Not confirming anything yet, but definitely not this year. No demos either, the first release will be the full game.

Q-How many zones are there?
A-8 main zones, not counting extra levels like the intro stage.

Q-How difficult will the game be?
A-The levels will be less of a breeze than Fallen Star, but without the difficulty spikes in the bosses. Basically it’s going to be much more consistent, comparable to that of Sonic 3 standalone.

Q-(insert question about the story)?

The aforementioned announcement trailer:

No demos are planned, and the full release is predicted for next year.

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