Someone Remade Sid Meier’s Civilization in Microsoft Excel

Fans have recreated video games in other games or on other platforms for some time now – however we’ve learned someone is completely recreating the the original Sid Meier’s Civilization in Microsoft Excel. You know, the software typically used to present aggregated data to board meetings.

The indie creator, s0lly, posted their prototype over on Reddit, as part of the OneLoneCoder CODEJAM 2019 game jam, which ran until a few days ago. Featured above, you can view a video of the game running in Excel.

While the theme for the jam was “destruction,” it fits appropriately with remaking Civilization.

“The gamejam’s theme is destruction,” s0lly said. “Which is apt for this game’s v1.0 iteration, given that the only way to win is to destroy the opposing team.”

The indie developer also noted “the game is very light on features (basically just build units and attack the opposition), but I will add on additional features—DLC you could call it—if people are keen to see more!”

s0lly’s [CELL]IVIZATION is available for free on itch.io. If you want to support the project, you can vote for it as part of the game jam – voting ends on September 22nd.

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