Someone Gets an Xbox One Early, Dumps Lots of Info, Microsoft Bans His Console

xbox one console twitter shot

A twitter user has apparently received an Xbox One console early from Target, and he has posted a lot of his findings with the console via his own personal twitter account.

You can view all of twitter user Moonlightswami’s findings below:

  • A cold boot (powered off to operational) takes 17 seconds. He timed this with a stopwatch.
  • He detailed loading an installed game (Call of Duty: Ghosts), which took between 15 and 20 seconds.
  • The console is described as “looks solid, feels heavy, great quiet fan, good ports. Doesn’t look flimsy at all like 360.”
  • The controller is described as “very interesting. The triggers are firmer and don’t go down as much as 360, LB and RB are bigger, thumbsticks grippier.”
  • The infamous day one patch took 2 minutes to download with Moonlightswami’s internet connection that has speeds up to 65 Mb/s downstream.
  • The day one update prompted as soon as the console was booted up.
  • Clothing options for avatars transferred over from the Xbox 360 seamlessly.
  • Both the console and the power brick are very quiet while operating.
  • After a few hours of operation the console was “a bit warm, but not hot,” still quiet.
  • The power brick was “barely warm” after three hours of play.
  • It took roughly 30 minutes to fully install Call of Duty: Ghosts, which is a 49 GB installation.
  • Games are fully playable after they are past 50% installation.
  • Game installation started automatically as soon as the disc was inserted.
  • Kinect voice commands are described as very responsive. Moonlightswami had to repeat them only when they were uttered too quietly or there was too much noise.
  • The voice of a friend was picked up by Kinect via Skype on Moonlightswami’s PC.
  • Holding the Xbox button down on the controller brings up options to turn off the system or the controller (like the Playstation UI).
  • There’s only online and offline statuses available, no busy or away.
  • North American music and TV Apps currently available are: Audio CD player, Hulu, Skype, Blu-Ray Disc, Netflix, Skydrive, NFL.
  • Power brick label: Input 100V-127V 4.91 A, 50/60 GHz. Output 12V 17.9 A 5VSB 1.0A.
  • Video options: Resolution: 1080p or 720p, HDMI or DVI, Color Depth: 24 30 or 36 Bits per pixel, TV RGB limited or PC RGB full
  • Audio options: HDMI: Stereo uncompressed, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed, DTS digital surround. Optical: Stereo uncompressed, DTS Digital surround.
  • The Kinect peripheral cord is 6 feet long, HDMI cable is 5 feet long, the power cord is apparently quite long as well.
  • The start dashboard has three tabs: Pins, Home and Store.
  • The tiles of the dashboard can be customized to whichever color of your choosing, they apparently have “every color in the rainbow and more.”

He was apparently having no issues with getting the day one update (which removes all of the bogus DRM), or installing games and accessing Xbox Live.

xbox one console ban

This is, until Microsoft caught wind of him dumping all of this information, images, and so on to the public. This prompted the manufacturer to ban his Xbox Live account and his Xbox One console, with no explanation given.

So now we have a lot of information that has been dumped, but unfortunately at the cost of a completely legally purchased Xbox One user’s entire console being banned.

What do you guys think – was Microsoft right in banning his console? Also, is there a chance of his ban being removed once the Xbox One launches?



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