Some Tekken Fans Aren’t Happy with Eliza’s Inflating Breasts

It’s not uncommon for Japanese developers (or western ones for that matter) to have female characters within games that have goofy breast physics, or just needless exposure of them. The newly revealed vampire character, Eliza, who is set for Tekken Revolution, just so happens to be one such case.

Being a vampire, Eliza will have the ability to drink her opponent’s blood while fighting – when this happens, her breasts inflate. You can see a nifty little diagram of how this happens below:

tekken revolution eliza breasts inflating

A fan posted this picture on twitter, asking “Harada…. what’s with this?” To which Harada simply said:

“It’s a 「すげえおっぱい」means “Titty Twister” in English. That’s all.”

Naturally, this got a lot of the more sensitive fans upset as they clearly were not happy with Eliza and her design choices. However, Harada-san had a more in depth explanation behind her design:

“Not decide yet. I think Eliza is test case, Because Eliza is VOTE by PLAYERS for Revolution campaign.
and…At present, I do not accept the reaction of the player about her, Because She was elected by the player.
In this case, It is meaningless to express an opinion only to me.
I expect the argument in player communities more.
I think that this becomes a very interesting test case.
If someone says “My opinion is right!” or “Tekken should be ….. “, I think this person has a simply narrow view.
TEKKEN is supported in much countries and culture.
I expect the reasonable argument by a player about player vote.”

It seems fans were still not happy, as they simply wanted her inflating breasts to be removed from the game, so Harada posted yet another tweet:

This got some fans making assumptions as to how she played, and how her inflating breasts would be pointless, prompting Harada to respond with this:

“It seems that you were not hearing my talk. and DID YOU PLAY HER ALREADY?
Did you come from the future? The SYSTEM which you imagined is wrong.
Get a life, and see you in the future = thank you for jump the gun.”

It seems the same fan Harada has been responding to didn’t want to give up, so he responded yet again:

Finally, it seems Harada had enough of arguing with some random person on twitter, and he posted a status explaining how he copes with unsatisfied fans:

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    January 25, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Who was the one complaining about this anyway?