Some Some Convenience Store launches for Switch in July

Some Some Convenience Store

Korean publisher CFK has announced a release date for the Switch port of Some Some Convenience Store.

The slice of life / romance store simulator is coming to Switch on Jule 25th via the eShop.

Some Some Convenience Store has already been available since 2020 for PC (via Steam) and smartphones in Korea since 2021.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Due to some family problems, our protagonist has to work part-time at a convenience store. Then one day, he starts fiddling with his smartphone out of sheer boredom.

Randomly, he decides to download the dating application “Some Some” that flashes up on his screen. Right when he opens up Some Some, he begins his relationships with three young women…

Right through the front door walk the trio: a younger woman looking for a part-time job, a foreign girl looking to become a singer, and a bodyguard who’s a little rough around the edges.

Who will you choose?

Meet the 3 heroines of “Some Some Convenience Store”

  • Soohee Pyeon – A younger girl overflowing with warmth and sincerity, currently looking for part-time work.
  • Adela Prohaska – A trainee hoping to become a singer who shows up randomly at the store. She seems to be having a rough time with something these days… but why might that be?
  • Yena Bang – A bodyguard for hire who is oddly snappy toward our main character. Is she just your typical tsundere? Or perhaps… there might be another reason for her behavior?
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