Social media users whine about “terrorism” in Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto

A viral Twitter post wishing for more buildings that can be explored in the next Grand Theft Auto game has attracted random complaints from other users about “terrorism”.

The initial Twitter post merely talked about something the individual wanted to see in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI:

However, the attached video instilled “fear and loathing” in the usual Twitter suspects, who were somehow unaware that Grand Theft Auto is a series of sandbox games where players can do as they please, with a main story campaign that typically involves committing crimes.

While not the majority in the slightest, there were still a handful of comments from people “revolted” by the violence ensuing in the post’s attached video.

Many found these comments ironic as such critics are now imitating the out of touch opinions of politicians who used to criticize Grand Theft Auto (a fictional game) over the exact same thing.

Some of the aforementioned comments (along with a couple insightful ones):

The latest game in the franchise, Grand Theft Auto VI, is in development and will get a full reveal next month.

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