Social media outraged over new anime Modaete yo, Adam-kun

Modaete yo, Adam-kun

Another anime has upset social media as the impending Writhe in agony, Adamkun (Modaete yo Adam-kun) has caused an “uproar” due to it being an adult anime containing fictional underage girls.

Writhe in agony, Adamkun is an AnimeFesta show, which are adult-targeted and usually come in three different versions: the slightly lewd but TV safe version, the slightly more explicit version that is usually only available on some channels late at night, and the paid version, which is fully explicit.

Here’s a full look at the official visual for the series:

Numerous Twitter users were upset at the anime, due to there being fictional underage girls, coupled with the fact there’s full-blown intercourse.

Aside from such remarks, there were actually an abundance of commenters who think the anime is “only ecchi”, when AnimeFesta shows are outright hentai with intercourse.

Here are some of the upset comments, which were only a minority:

Writhe, Adamu-kun is expected to premiere sometime in 2024.



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