So This is What an Entire City on the Back of a Turtle (in Minecraft) Looks Like

We have showcased the staggering works of individuals in other user generated content powered games before, but we haven’t really done this yet for Minecraft users, despite how often we cite images from various fan-made projects. While this is the first actual fan-made project we’ve covered as far as Minecraft is concerned, and boy is it a doozy.

Meticulously planned out and built by Minecraft user CARLOOO, you can bear witness to Atropos, a gigantic, Steampunk themed city on the back of a gigantic turtle. It took him at least five months to create this massive design, and he even worked on previous iterations of something similar, only on the back of a whale.

While you can download Atropos here on his Planet Minecraft profile, I implore you to also check out his other maps as well.

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