Snowbreak: Containment Zone ending updates to English dub

Snowbreak: Containment Zone English Dub Ending Thumbnail

Seasun Games have announced Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s English voiceover will no longer be provided for new content.

The decision to end the game’s English voiceover dub came after “extensive evaluation” and “consideration of the optimal gaming experience.”

This means that while any English in the game is still there and players can still select the option, new content will not be dubbed over in English. This covers new stories, new characters, as well as additional dialogue that may appear for skins of existing characters.

Moving forward, the game’s default language will be in Japanese. As when selecting the English option, missing dialogue will be replaced with the Japanese voiceover. With Seasun Games being Chinese, there is also a Chinese as well.

This move has not been received well by fans, who view this move as a cost-cutting measure for a game whose revenue and profitability are in question. Their newly announced game, Mecha BREAK, also leads to the belief the game may see end-of-service soon despite releasing less than half a year ago.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is available now for iOS, Android, and PC (via Epic Games Store).



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