Sneak Around With a Goblin in Styx: Master of Shadows

If one is familiar with fantasy lore and various video games, a goblin is not the first thing that comes to mind when one things of a stealthy assassin.

Goblins are creatures of careless aggression in most games and fiction, generally swarming hordes against the hero. A stealthy assassin would be on par with Assassin Creed’s Ezio or the Sniper from Sniper Elite III.

This is why for this particular game, a goblin is a most unlikely hero and even more so, an unlikely stealth assassin. Meet Styx, the protagonist of the Playstation 4 and PC title, Styx: Master of Shadows.


In this mystical fantasy, there is a rare and most powerful substance known as Amber. It is an unknown substance that grants its users special powers and abilities such invisibility and enhanced abilities.

The biggest source of Amber lies within the Heart of the Tree, encased in the heavily fortified human fortress infamously known as the Tower of Akenash. Styx’s ambitions drive him into the human-inhabited fort.

The deeper Styx descends, the more dangerous his journey becomes as the creatures he faces become more mystical and dangerous.


Styx: Master of Shadows’ ambitions lie in the the interesting twist on conventions. Instead of a horde attack game with goblins, the focus is on fantasy stealth in an environment built to be open and utilize verticality.

The game is being developed by Cyanide Studio. To learn more about Styx, check out their main website here.

Look for Styx to come out of the shadows sometime this year on the PC and PlayStation 4.

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