Smite releases new voodoo Goddess Maman Brigitte


The loa of the dead comes to Smite as a melee mage jungler.

Smite is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Today SMITE released its latest Update ‘Protector of the Dead’ featuring the most boisterous Goddess in the Voodoo pantheon: Maman Brigitte! The latest in-game event, Festival of Spirits, also started today and allows players to unlock six skins plus a dozen free cosmetics.

Back in August before even stepping foot on the Battleground, Maman Brigitte’s cheerful influence lifted the Conquest Map out of the Underworld and into the Season of Celebration. Now she has finally joined her party in person!

Among divinities governing the transition from life to death, Maman Brigitte stands out for her passion, obscenities, and fierce protection of women. She is one of the Lwa, the Voodoo deities, just like her husband and SMITE Mage Baron Samedi. While both are always looking for a fun time, she takes her divine responsibilities more seriously.

In SMITE, she joins the fight armed with daggers in hands, a tattooed snake ‘Madame Fangs’ jumping out of her arm, and a bottle of pepper-infused rum allowing her to breathe fire. Maman Brigitte will outdrink, slice up, and curse out the competition – in no particular order.

On the gameplay front, Maman Brigitte is a one-in-a-decade character! While technically a (melee) Mage, she will be played as a Jungler and has the play style of an Assassin. As such, her only predecessor was Ao Kuang dating back to 2014.

Unlike Assassins though, Maman Brigitte does not dish out direct burst damage. Instead she stacks Soul Spikes on her target until she can absorb their soul, only then dealing massive damage – and increasing the size of her ultimate for the next few seconds, should she use it as the coup de grace. Maman Brigitte’s movement ability ‘Spirit Seize’ also stands out as it allows her to possess an enemy God and travel with them for an instant. Maman Brigitte is a stimulating Goddess to master and is sure to yield a great payoff when played right. Come try her out today!



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