Small Soldiers releases War for the Nekron teaser

Small Soldiers

A new project in the Small Soldiers franchise has been announced nearly 25 years since the film premiered in 1998.

The new teaser shows a new cast of human characters. This new showdown replaces the Commandos with the Space Elite and the Gorgonites with the Necronites.

This comparison is only aesthetic and it’s very possible that the roles are swapped this time. The female Space Elite we see in the proof of concept video takes center stage and has a more sympathetic role than would fit a villain. Meanwhile the Necronites are portrayed as cold and stoic.

You can check out the proof of concept for Small Soldiers War for the Nekron below.

At the time of writing it’s unclear what this is a “proof of concept” of and could be the preamble to a new game or even a new movie.


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