Slay the Princess dev says pirate the game before watching livestreamers

Slay the Princess

Indie developer Black Tabby Games released Slay the Princess last year, a horror game with focus on story and quite a twist.

The game has been very well received and its premise and visuals have made it popular for let’s players/livestreamers to play it. Its developer wants as many people to play it for themselves, so much so they said pirate it if you need to.

Black Tabby Games said if you’re interested in the game but can’t afford it right now – pirate it, instead of watching someone play it live while spoiling the story-heavy game.

“Since a lot of new folks are discovering Slay the Princess: The game is at its best if your first experience is playing it yourself instead of watching someone else’s play-through,” the developer said.

The developer naturally said the above while also noting if you liked the game, “buy a copy later when you have money.”

While most story-focused games tend to be more linear, Slay the Princess puts a twist on things by having you relive the horrors repeatedly with an ever-changing time loop.

“There’s tons of reactivity baked into the game,” Black Tabby Games said. “While a single playthrough will take you 3 hours, there’s 16 hours of story to find. You can only play for the first time once, and the experience won’t be the same if you’re looking through the lens of someone else’s choices.”



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