Sky: Children of the Light launches for PC in April

Sky: Children of the Light

thatgamecompany has announced a release date for Sky: Children of the Light for Windows is set for next month.

The cozy MMO-ish game is coming to Windows PC (via Steam) on April 10th, in celebration of the developer’s 17th birthday. Sky: Children of Light has been available for smartphones (iOS and Android) and Nintendo Switch.

Here’s a rundown on the game’s PC release, via early access:

A Celebration on Every Platform

We’re thrilled to reach this milestone with everyone! We’re bringing Sky to Early Access on Steam so that we can implement all the refinements that will make the PC experience shine. It’s a big moment, so there’s going to be a little something for every platform. Things like—

Companion Cube Prop

Players on Steam PC and Steam Deck can find a special item in the Aviary event shop to commemorate their adventures: none other than a Companion Cube, which can be unlocked for 50 Candles and will be available permanently in the event shop.

A Cosmetic Pack Celebrating TGC Games

Also arriving on April 10th—the Journey Pack will be made available for all platforms. Formerly a PlayStation exclusive, this pack includes a cape and hood modeled after the iconic red outfit worn by the Journey traveler, and it comes with a mask that gives your avatar a unique Journey™-inspired voice when you wear it.

This will be in the game menu shop ($24.99) and will be continually available even after the PC launch festivities wrap up!

Double Hearts & A Treasure Candle Light Bonanza

Thanks to everyone’s awesome support to help us reach Sky wishlist milestones last year, for a week starting April 10th at 00:00 (all times PDT, UTC -7), it’s time for extra Hearts and Treasure Candles!

For those seven days until 23:59 on April 16th, every Heart gift or partial Heart gift sent to friends (and also friends who are moths) will be automatically doubled. Quick reminder, this applies only to gifts sent while Double Hearts are active, so if a gift is sent before April 10th and then picked up after Double Hearts begins, it won’t be doubled.

Meanwhile, if the realms seem to be a bit brighter the week of April 10th, it might be because they’re filled with Treasure Candles. Every day there will be four locations for Treasure Candles in each level from Daylight Prairie through Vault of Knowledge—that’s 20 Treasure Candles to gather Light from. (Maybe this should have come with a fire extinguisher prop…Just promise us that you’ll keep flammable objects at a safe distance.)

Special Traveling Spirit

In case a new batch of adorable moth friends wasn’t enough to get hyped about, may we introduce to you the winner of the Traveling Spirit Community Vote: Dancing Performer.

This Spirit—perhaps the most anticipated one this side of Valley of Triumph—won the Wishlist Campaign community vote last year pretty much in a world-wide landslide, so they’ve been busy packing their bags with outfit items, a lute, and instructions to teach Sky kids their best dance moves.

They’ll be the second Traveling Spirit to visit after the Steam Early Access launch (the first being a visit by the definitely unguessable [redacted] Spirit), so mark your calendars for Dancing Performer’s visit on the weekend of April 25th!

Get Ready!

While Sky PC is in Early Access, Steam players will be able to play the full version of the game. This special Early Access period will ensure that the full suite of Steam PC features can be implemented and made to shine!

This includes things like integrating Steam friends, Steam achievements, and support for Remote Play. It also gives us the chance to keep enhancing game graphics with HDR and VRR support, so please keep sending in your feedback as we work to make the PC experience the absolute best it can be.

So now is the perfect opportunity to get ready before it all starts on April 10th. If you’re currently a PC Demo or Beta player, note that there will be a temporary blackout period from April 1st until the 10th so that our engineers can get everything ready.

Whichever platform you’ve been playing on, use this time to prepare your welcome for all the new moths! Brush up on Spirit locations, polish your best Dark Dragon dodges, and even practice a Prophecy Trial or three if you really want top-tier guide skills. That way you’ll be all set to take these moths under your Winged Light and help them see all the surprises that Sky has to offer!

If you already have a Sky account and are planning to play on PC or Steam Deck, don’t forget to bind your current account to your Steam account first. To do that, log into Sky on a mobile device, then go to the settings menu to add your Steam account to your current Sky account. And be sure to wishlist Sky on our Steam page if you haven’t already so that you’ll be automatically notified the moment Early Access is launched!

And of course, we want to give a big THANK YOU to all the PC beta testers and demo players! Your reports and contributions these past months have been incredibly valuable for helping the team get us to where we are now. We can’t wait to welcome a new flock of players to the skies on April 10th!



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