Silent Hill 2 remake dev wants to “define the future” of horror games

Silent Hill 2 remake

It hasn’t been long since Konami announced a Silent Hill 2 remake and its developer has been getting more ambitious as the project develops.

The studio behind the remake, Bloober Team, has quite a lot to say on the cult classic horror game and how they’re adapting it for “contemporary audiences.”

Now we’ve learned the team really has high hopes for the remake and are aiming to define the very future for all horror video games with the remake.

Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno said to IGN at DICE Summit 2023 that he wants “to be known as the studio that defines the future of video game horror.” He also said he wants them to move past the mechanics popularized in “walking simulator games.”

Furthermore, Babieno wants the team to use “more complex and involved gameplay mechanics on the level of other giants in the horror genre.”

“We still would like to make meaningful games, we still would like to keep our DNA to tell stories about things which are important to us,” he said.

When asked if Bloober Team would work on another Silent Hill game, Babieno teased “I’m not going to say never.” Konami did announce several separate and very different Silent Hill games last fall.

Lastly, the Bloober boss was asked about the general discontent gamers have with Konami – generally since they ousted longtime producer Hideo Kojima.

“Those people who are in charge of Konami Gaming right now, of course I can’t tell you all the details, but I believe that they do understand how gaming works,” Babieno said,

He added, “I do understand that people are a little bit angry at Konami for the stuff which happened in the past, but I would like to say, give them the time, because they do know what they are doing.”

Silent Hill 2 Remake is coming to Windows PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 5 (as a console exclusive, for a year).

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