Siege Of Dragonspear Writer Amber Scott Leaves Beamdog

According to a recent post on Trent Oster’s twitter account, lead writer and Siege of Dragonspear scribe Amber Scott has left Beamdog. Though Oster points to a long distance move being behind her departure, the poor reception of the game and the controversy that surrounded its script may have possibly played a role.

One interesting thing to note concerning Siege of Dragonspear and its story is that Beamdog stated that the transgendered character Mizhena was to receive an expanding of her background which would help her better fit into the game world’s lore, yet no such change has been made as of yet. Scott’s departure may make that promised change even less likely.

Siege of Dragonspear also has the problem of its failure to deliver on the collector’s edition of the game, which has been delayed on multiple occasions and still, as of this writing, has not been shipped out to purchasers. Posters concerned about its shipping date were referred to Scott, which may present a problem considering she is no longer there to address the issue.

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