Shrine’s Legacy boasting an aura of Secret of Mana

Shrine's Legacy

Shrine’s Legacy is an indie isometric title that will certainly have lovers of retro games excited, as it has similarities to Secret of Mana.

The title previously had a successful Kickstarter campaign, bringing in $36,828. The developer describes the game as a “SNES-styled 2D Co-op Action RPG”.

The Kickstarter page claims the game plays like a “combination of classic Super Nintendo games such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, Illusion of Gaia and Secret of Mana“.

Players will utilize wind magic to defeat enemies whilst solving puzzles, and each gemstone collected gives the player another element to use in various ways.

There is tons of gameplay footage available via the official Twitter:

Shrine’s Legacy intends to release sometime in 2024 via Steam.

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