Shmup Nano Assault is Coming to Playstation 4

It appears that Shin’en Multimedia’s molecular shmup, Nano Assault, is coming to Playstation 4.

The news is confirmed via a rating published by Europe’s PEGI rating board. The new title of the game is Nano Assault Neo-X, and you can view some gameplay from the Wii U original above.

The 3DS original was known as Nano Assault, and it has been available on that platform since December of 2011. The Wii U port, Nano Assault Neo, came in November of 2012, which later saw a subsequent port back to the 3DS in March of 2013 as Nano Assault Ex.

With the Playstation 4 version being confirmed via PEGI, it’s safe to say that a PS4 version is really coming. Just for clarity, we’ve contacted Shin’en about this for a follow up.

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