Shiny Gengar is Now Available for Pokemon X & Y at Your Local Gamestop

Nintendo announced that Shiny Gengars are being handed out at your local Gamestop. Starting now, and ending the 26th, anyone with X or Y can go ahead and get the Shiny Gengar added to their team.

In addition to the Shiny Gengar, he’ll come bearing gifts. First, he’ll be carrying the Gengarite needed to mega evolve Gengar during battle, so you won’t need to worry about having one already. Second, the Shiny Gengar will know the move Sludge Wave, which Gengar cannot learn naturally. Upon Mega-Evolving, he’ll also gain the ability Shadow Tag that stops opponents from switching Pokemon mid battle. It also stops wild Pokemon from fleeing.

And after this Shiny Gengar event, Dancie will be available through Gamestop as well. Keep an eye out for more information regarding that event – it’s a special one!

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