SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist announced

SHINONOME ABYSS The Maiden Exorcist

Co-publishers Kadokawa Corporation, Kadokawa Game Linkage, ABC Animation, and developer WODAN have announced SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist, a new roguelike action-horror game.

SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and will launch sometime later this year.

It remains unclear if this is an upgraded re-release or a sequel to their previous SHINONOME game, which WODAN also developed and released in early access. The game’s description mentions it has been “significantly improved from the previous game” with more content and improvements based on feedback.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

The main character is a shrine maiden named “Yono,” who has to survive in a haunted houses where Mononoke (yokai and vengeful spirits) lurk, using a limited number of items and traps in this strategy roguelike horror action game!

Shrine maiden Yono takes on the challenge of escaping from numerous haunted houses in this roguelike!

Following in the footsteps of her missing Onmyouji brother, shrine maiden Yono arrives at a terrifying place where Mononoke(yokai and other vengeful spirits) live. The very structure of the mansion changes every time you enter. There are three game modes: “Harai,” “Misogi,” and “Gyou” with “Gyou” being the highest difficulty mode, in which players compete to see how long they can survive in an endless dungeon.

The goal is to escape from the haunted house and defeat the Mononoke by making full use of the traps and devices hidden in the house!
First, confirm the type and number of Mononoke by listening to noises coming from the next room, finding traces of the Mononoke, etc. Try to surmise the fighting style of the Mononoke and defeat them by setting up traps and then calling them over to you by making noises so they fall in the traps you made. You can also try to understand the structure of the mansion and defeat the Mononoke by luring them into open fireplaces and pits. Defeating them in this way allows you to gain and save items as well. Survival here requires knowledge, experience, and courage. When Yono is in grave danger, another side of her personality appears, and she is greatly strengthened. Predicting and controlling this change is also a key to success.

Various elements have been greatly improved from the previous game!

The game has been significantly improved from the previous “Shinonome,” with more Mononoke appearing, more traps and items, more dungeons and a big boss. The addition of Yono’s other personality is also a new element. Based on the player’s feedback from the previous game, the game content itself has also undergone tuning in order to make it easier to play.

Production Staff:

  • Director / Game Designer: Kenichi Iwao
    • Major works: “Resident Evil”, “Einhander”, “Parasite Eve 2”, “Final Fantasy XI”
  • Character Design:Tatsuya Yoshikawa
    • Major works: “Breath of Fire” series, “Devil May Cry” 4 and 5, “Last Ranker”
  • Programming: Hiroshi Ogino
    • Major Works: “Shiren the Wanderer: Mystery Dungeon”, “Fate/Grand Order”, “Culdcept Mobile”
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