Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town gets second trailer

Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town

Neos Corporation have shared the second trailer for Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town.

Here’s a new rundown on the game plus the new trailer:

The Nohara family goes to Akita.

Due to a sudden appointment, Hiroshi is sent on a business trip to his hometown of Akita.

The Nohara family moves to a village near their parents’ home and rents an old private house that retains its traditional charm. A carefree country life begins amidst the idyllic rural scenery.

Ginnosuke teaches Shinnosuke the secrets of playing in the countryside, such as catching bugs and fishing. Part of the fun is sitting around the irori hearth and eating local cuisine at night.

In the village, you can interact with farmers and make new friends. I was enjoying the fun days…

Shinnosuke follows Shiro covered in soot.

One morning, Shiro suddenly came home covered in soot. When he sees Shinnosuke tilting his head, he starts running fast…! When he chased after them, what stopped was a mysterious train that he had never seen before. Shinnosuke is attracted by Shiro and ends up getting on board.

Welcome to the town of charcoal

The mysterious train arrives at a town full of energy and bustle, as if time has stopped in the Showa era. The town is called “Charcoal Town,” and you can see the energetic working people of the downtown area. After meeting a mysterious girl, Shinnosuke becomes friends with the townspeople. Shinnosuke’s new adventure begins…!

Akita village and charcoal town Shin-chan’s mysterious daily life begins as he travels between two worlds.

Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town is set to launch on Febuary 22nd, 2024 in Japan for the Nintendo Switch. A western release is planned.



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