Shenmue 3 is as “Close to Being Announced as it has Ever Been Over the Past Decade”

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We’ve gotten a very interesting bit of information regarding a potential reveal for Shenmue 3, the third game in the series that would finally conclude the journey of Ryo Hazuki. In a feature from Eurogamer, it appears that while series creator Yu Suzuki is not ready to announce something right now, a third game is very, very close to being confirmed.

In the interview conducted with Suzuki, he claimed that Shenmue 3 is more than just a dream, and that it’s “as close to being announced as it has ever been over the past decade.” Apparently, Suzuki said some other things that Eurogamer couldn’t publicly disclose at the moment, presumably the means of which he’s making the third game possible, or maybe even a date of the reveal.

The interesting point Eurogamer made was that Suzuki has been out of the industry for many years now, and that while he still holds a passion for finishing the story of Ryo, he might have lost his touch when it comes to producing games. A lot has happened in the twelve years since the second game, and his vision for a third and final game may not do too well in today’s market.

What do you guys think? Should Shenmue 3 finally be made, or should it be left to rest?

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