Shen Rao Comes to Battlerite On December 12

Stunlock Studios is about to release another new Champion to the Battlerite series.

Shen Rao, The Tempest of the East, is a draconic ranged Champion that has been sealed inside a human body after defying the Void. He uses the last remnants of his powers to attack enemies from a distance with lightning and thunder-based abilities. You can check out the teaser trailer above.

Shen Rao will be available in both Battlerite Arena and Battlerite Royale when he launches on the 12th. His release coincides with the Yuletide Event for both games, which adds a ton of new winter and holiday-themed cosmetics, a new emote system, themed maps, and much more. The Yuletide Event will run until January 30th, and you can learn more about it here.

You can play Battlerite for free on Windows PC via Steam. The Battle Royale spin-off, Battlerite Royale, is still in Early Access.



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