Shelter 2 is Putting You In the Paws of a Mother Lynx

The original Shelter game was definitely a unique experience, one that we recommend you at least try out, as our review suggests. Swedish developer Might and Delight revealed the sequel, titled simply Shelter 2, which is set for a release on PC via Steam and other digital distribution platforms.

The core concept of the game is that you’re a mother lynx, just as you were a mother badger in the original, and your ultimate goal is the survival of your brood. Your den will be your base of operations, your refuge, and your home, where you can bring back trophies of defeated animals, or rare plants and leaves. The environments in Shelter 2 are larger and feature far more nooks and crannies for you to explore.

The sequel will have has some new features, such as a stamina meter, different types of movements, jumps, and a larger variety of animals on which to prey.

Shelter 2 is set for release sometime this Fall across Steam, Good Old Games, and various other digital platforms.

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