Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms – New Characters Unveiled

Frequent readers of the site may remember back in February when we revealed the sequel to the somewhat obscure action RPG Kult, known as Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms. Though little was known at the time, it seems the developers are starting to throw fans a few bones, since a new character has been added to their ever-growing list of heroes.

In a press release, the publisher of Shadows touched upon her background as well as a few other juicy tidbits concerning the release of further info:

    Evia is the daughter of the last God-Empress of the Garulian Empire. As a mage, she is a skilled long-distance fighter and a master of numerous fire spells.

    Information about further playable characters is coming soon. Follow the status of new playable characters, new environments, new features and new developments in the production of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms by visiting the developer blog.

    Additionally, bitComposer has announced today that a Developer Diary series for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is in the works, with the first episode due out later this month. The series focuses on interesting facts about the different areas and creatures in the mythical world of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, and this first episode introduces the development team and offers an in-depth look at the “Outlands”. Developer Diaries will be regularly launched and can be found at the official site.

For those interested, there are also bios for the hunter, Jasper and hammer wielding Kalig.



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