Injection survival game Serum launches this month


Publisher TopLitz Productions and developer Game Island have announced an early access release date for Serum, their first-person injection survival game.

Serum is set to launch via early access on Windows PC (via Steam) on May 23rd. The game is expected to be in early access for roughly a year before its full release.

The current state players can expect from its early access build includes: “hours of exploration, crafting and resource gathering,” as well as forging weapons, using formulae to craft Serums that you inject into your body, base building, crafting, and more in both single player and co-op.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Unravel the mystery of Serum and survive the fight against time amidst a ruined world of destruction and mutated creatures.

Your life is at stake! The toxic fog obscures the dangers in an apocalyptic world where every second counts. A relentless timer on your arm decides between life and death. Prove your courage, explore the mysterious environment for resources and brew serums for unique abilities. Every dose of serum can make the difference in the fight for survival against mutated enemies. Find shelter in the chaos, search for technology and modify weapons for greater effectiveness. The race against time begins now. Will you survive?


  • A mysterious world to explore – Unravel the mystery of Serum and find your way out while exploring different biomes and their unique characteristics. Find clues about past events and use the new-found wisdom to survive while experiencing beautiful graphics delivered with the power of Unreal Engine 5.
  • Gather, hunt & farm – Figure out how to create new tools, traps, and weapons. Gather Serum from animals and plants and expand your safe zone to create a sustainable source of the substance. Prepare wisely for your next excursion to ensure it won’t be your last one.
  • Experiment with different formulas of Serum – Take advantage of a unique brewing mechanism that allows you to create various mixtures of Serum. Experiment with dozens of combinations and use them to enhance your abilities. Ensure you’re carrying enough to get you out of a tough spot.
  • Fight your way out – Clash with various creatures using a multitude of weapons: melee, ranged, and throwing including spears, bows and clubs. Use Serum to infuse and modify your weapons and gain the upper hand against mutated abominations that roam the island.
  • Defy the odds – Endure in a hostile environment under the pressure of time. Manage your health, stamina, and beware of Serum side effects.
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