Sentai Simulator, Chroma Squad, Has a 15-Minute Gameplay Video and a Release Date

Chroma Squad was successfully greenlit and kickstarted in August, 2013, and was meant to be available by mid-2014. Unfortunately, that deadline came and went, but developers Behold Studios have finally announced a firm release date for the tactical RPG. Chroma Squad will now be available through Steam on April 30, for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. You can watch the announcement video above.

In Chroma Squad, players must manage a sentai television studio, cast actors, buy equipment, and create the props that will populate the show. When shooting begins, players control their cast of multihued-and-jumpsuited actors in turn-based combat, with the goal of creating enjoyable episodes. As the developer points out in the preview video below, having the cast defeat the Monster of the Week isn’t enough: they must also do it with style, in order to be entertaining enough to gain a loyal viewership. As the game progresses and players rack up the numbers, they’ll transform their indie studio into a TV behemoth.

Behold Studios are currently accepting preorders on the game’s website.

Developer Walkthrough



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