Sekai Project Announces Two New Games for the West, Reveals Its April-May Lineup

Machina of the Planet Tree Planet Ruler 2015-04-05

In addition to BL game November Boy, Sekai Project have announced at this year’s Sakura-Con that they have licensed doujin circle Denneko Yugi’s roleplaying game, Machina of the Planet Tree: Planet Ruler (Seiju no Kishin in Japanese), and horror visual novel Shizuku no Oto.

Machina of the Planet Tree: Planet Ruler

Sekai Project describes the story of Machina of the Planet Tree: Planet Ruler as follows:

As a field researcher, Cram Lanvelouche is regularly sent out to excavate artifacts from the Old World, called “Attributes”. As he searches for the legendary Attribute, the “Machina”, he unearths a conspiracy that could threaten the existence of all humans on the planet.

The game appears to be a 2D sidescroller, with party-based, turn-based combat. It features four main characters (the glove that the main protagonist wears is the fourth), a hub to which players will return to replenish and upgrade items, and upgradeable combat skills. Sekai Project has finished translating the game and will soon be editing and testing it.

Shizuku no Oto

Aiueo Kompany’s Shizuku no Oto (roughly translated as Sound of Drops) takes place at Aozora Aquarium, an attraction that has unsettling rumors attached to it. Urban legends claim it is a “red aquarium” with ghosts and human-faced fish, that human souls shaped like jellyfish are trapped in its tanks, that the water turns to blood … As the rumors proliferate among middle school girls, they reach close friends Mayumi Nakanobe and Himeno Tamagawa, who decide to visit the aquarium. Soon, they are caught up in bizarre phenomena happening there.

April-May releases

Monster girl VNs Kokonoe Kokoro and Love at First Sight: Hitomebore, and strange school story The Fruit of Grisaia will be coming to Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs via Steam in late April or early May.

(Thanks, Game & History, Rely on Horror, ANN.)

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