Sega Teasing Sonic 25th Anniversary Plans With … Big the Cat

big the cat 01-10-16-1

Whoever runs the official Sonic the Hedgehog social media accounts is quite interesting, because they not only walk a fine line between sheer trolling and fanservice, they regularly create and or share memes (for better or for worse).

Such a post arose from the official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page and Twitter, in which Sega let out a tease for their mascot’s upcoming 25th anniversary.

big the cat 01-10-16-2

A photo of the Game Grumps team was posted, while they held a doll of Big the Cat, alongside the message:

“We’ve got some pretty exciting stuff planned for the year, so stay tuned.”

There’s some (seemingly) random numbers at the bottom of the image, “4 3 1 21 16,” which knowing the team behind their social media were put there just to mess with their fans’ heads.

However it’s certainly interesting they chose to focus on Big the Cat .. clearly this is a joke – right? Right?? What does it all mean?!



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