Sega reportedly trying to acquire Angry Birds dev for $1 billion

Sega Acquire Angry Birds Developer Thumbnail

In an era where landmark deals have been occurring more frequently, Sega has reportedly attempted to acquire Angry Birds developer Rovio.

The new deal was reportedly for a whopping $1 billion (via WSJ). The deal, assuming it doesn’t fall through, is expected to close sometime early next week. Previously Rovio had been looking for potential buyers, and had one in line with Playtika before that fell through back in March.

A few hours later, though, Sega issued a statement (via Axios) saying “No formal decision has been made regarding a deal. Sega continues to consider how to best enhance its corporate value.”

This deal is certainly a major one, with the Angry Birds IP finding itself possibly in Sega’s hands. Recently the company has been looking to expand upon creating more films and television series with their other legacy IPs, and Angry Birds is already known for a couple of feature films.

The acquisition would also help Sega continue on their plans to develop more in the mobile space, where they already have published titles such as their Hatsune Miku rhythm games.

Funnily enough, Sega’s own popular mascot Sonic did have a crossover event with Angry Birds Epic a long time ago.



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