Sega plans on multiple remasters, remakes, and new titles this year

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We’ve learned Sega plans on multiple remasters, remakes, and new titles this year, according to their new earnings report.

Sega has reported strong sales during the fiscal year 2021, where they also project increases going through fiscal year 2023. This is due to claims of a significant increase in titles for that year as well as continued revenue from the upcoming releases for fiscal year 2022.

This year we are already aware of some of their releases. Such as Sonic Origins, a remaster of the first four mainline Sonic games. As well as a new title in the upcoming Two Point Campus, which was recently delayed into August 9th.

Their claims in this presentation seem to also be reinforced by the plans to reboot their Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio franchises with big AAA budgets.

Though given how recently that was reported, and the fact they plan on having a full AAA dev cycle. Those games would not be coming out until 2023 at the earliest.

This year they expect to sell around 6 million units, which will most likely be aided with the expected launch of Sonic Frontiers later this year.

However by the end of their fiscal year 2023, the company hopes to more than double their game sales to 13 million. As they also expected to release roughly double the amount of games for that year as well. An increase to 13 from 7.

It seems that after the strong showing of their Sonic the Hedgehog films, Sega is on an upswing in popularity and moneymaking ability. For now, we’ll have to wait though until they announce what more titles they plan on adding to their portfolio in the future.


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