Sega Has Plans to “Explore PC Port Options” Following Bayonetta

The exciting news that Sega ported the original Bayonetta to PC had fans wildly speculating what other games could also be ported to PC. Fortunately, the publisher is looking to capitalize on that, if the very same press release is anything to go by.

In the press release announcing a PC version for Bayonetta, the publisher said they have plans to “explore PC port options,” and they look forward “to sharing more news soon.” Could we see its sequel, Bayonetta 2, somehow make a PC release?

My take: It’s always better to have games on more platforms – the more hands and users that have access to a title, the better, most obviously from a financial standpoint.

That’s about all we have to go off for now – however that won’t stop you guys from demanding PC ports of games right? Sound off in the comments below with Sega games you’d like to see on PC!


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