Sega Further Teases Vanquish PC Port [UPDATE]


Sega has posted what is probably the final teaser for Vanquish coming to PC:

The above teaser has the number 25, which points to a May 25th release. We’ll keep you guys posted.


Sega has posted another teaser image, which you can view below:

We assume the “05” in the top right is pointing towards a release this month, mirroring their surprise Steam release for the original Bayonetta.

We’ll keep you guys posted.


We previously reported how Sega was blatantly teasing a PC version for the Platinum Games-made action-shooter, Vanquish.

Now, the company has tweeted out the following image:

If you didn’t notice, the above image of the game’s main antagonist shows the same emblem, leading us to believe an announcement is imminent.

Coming off the previous tease, this probably means the game will be a re-release on PC this year.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

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