See You Tomorrow, at the Food Court Added to Comic Newtype

See You Tomorrow, at the Food Court (Fudokoto de, mata ashita) is now available on Kadokawa Shoten’s Comic Newtype manga website.

The announcement also states Fushimi-kun Without Death, and Hiroki Hara’s A Selection of Boyfriends and Girlfriends (Translation: Google Translate) would be coming to the website.

See You Tomorrow, at the Food Court is the latest title from author and artist Shinichirou Nariie (Absolute Duo, Drop Frame). Following two girls named Wada and Yamamoto, the pair are childhood friends that attend separate schools.

Wada is cynical honor student, and always online causing fights and angers easily. Yamamoto is a gyaru who has surprisingly good grades and is laidback, but watches after Wada despite her temper.

The series follows the two friends as they meet up every day at the mall’s food court to hang out with each other.

See You Tomorrow, at the Food Court is available to read on Comic Newtype; and the next chapter will be made available on April 14th.

Image: Comic Newtype

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