See How Crafting Works in EverQuest Next: Landmark

everquest next landmark ss 2

Ask and you shall receive – Sony Online Entertainment has revealed the developer diary that is showcasing how crafting works in EverQuest Next: Landmark.

You can view the crafting developer diary below:


Here’s the tease of the saw table crafting station:


The developer diary features Lead System Designer Michael Mann talking about how the various stages of crafting work, most notably the variations between different crafting stations and various crafted goods.

One of the more notable things to take away from this is that not only is the world procedurally generated, the craftable items are procedurally generated as well, meaning you never quiet know what to expect when you go to craft that eleventh pair of iron leggings.

The second video is purely a tease at the saw table crafting station, which is clearly posed as a crafting station for the building parts and furniture you’ll be using to construct your own house – or your own city.

EverQuest Next: Landmark is a sandbox world builder, similar to how Minecraft is a sandbox world builder, although the game still functions and appears as an MMO, as it’s essentially the connection between the community and the ambitious MMORPG reboot of the series, EverQuest Next.



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