Second Concept Video, New Details Teased for New Atlus Fantasy RPG, Project Re Fantasy

Atlus has shared the second concept video for Project Re Fantasy, their upcoming fantasy RPG.

Featured above, the new concept video appears to introduce what could be playable classes in the new fantasy RPG, as well as a world torn by strife. Towards the end, the video further teases Atlus’ own ambition with the game, saying “ReTHINK FANTASY RPG.”

The classes teased include:

  • Cleric
    Nature – Resentment
    Aspiration – To banish all other species
  • Mage
    Nature – Guilt-ridden protester
    Aspiration – Military recognition
  • Warrior
    Nature – Voiceless apathy
    Aspiration – To cease to exist
  • Thief
    Nature – Indecisive lone wolf
    Aspiration – To escape from reality
  • Lord
    Nature – Isolated attention-seeker
    Aspiration – Aristocracy

In case you missed it, the previous concept video was shared back in December of last year.

The developer also shared a really weird video where a knight clad in full armor eats a pigeon:

Finally, studio boss and game director Katsura Hashino shared a new message in time for the new year:

Have a good New Year, everyone!

This is Hashino from Studio Zero. How was the announcement of the new Catherine game? Maybe some of you thought it was strange for us to be developing it, because the world and genre are completely different from the fantasy RPG we’re also developing. However, the original Catherine was originally a proposal we made thinking “Wouldn’t a game like this be cool?” So Catherine: Full Body is our new attempt at updating the game for a new generation. The fantasy RPG might seem not connected at all, but this is part of us exploring the future of RPGs and a way for us to look at variety in what is usually a traditional genre. We’re approaching both games the same way. This is why we decided to update Catherine. We’re going to work our best at making a game that many people can enjoy, so look out for new information next year!

In retrospect, it’s been a year since we first announced our new “fantasy RPG.” We’re definitely in a good place within the middle of development, but we’re not at a point in which we can talk about detailed information. However I’m not sure I can just leave with saying “Atlus is making a fantasy RPG” and hope you keep looking forward to the game next year. So, as an apology I got our team to produce another concept video to give you hints about the game.

To this end, this is just a concept movie to give you a look into bits of the world that is under construction, but we made it with the hope of you enjoying it and imagining what kind of world being envisioned. Typically when we make a trailer, I’m very conscious of the information being presented as you’ll view it once – this time we were focused on providing hints of the fundamentals of the world and the “fantasy” instead of something you can understand in one view. The game we’re making is still a high fantasy experienced set in a world totally different from our real one, so I hope you’ll feel like something is “a bit different.”

With the little bit left in 2017, thank you so much for your warm support for our new attempt. We hope next year will be a more enjoyable year for all of you, from the bottom of our hearts, from all of our staff.

Atlus Studio Zero Producer and Chief Director Katsura Hashino

A worldwide release is confirmed for Project Re Fantasy, however development platforms and a release date haven’t been confirmed.



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