SEA Version Of Phantasy Star Online 2 No Longer IP Blocking

For Phantasy Star Online fans, the fact that the only English version of the game belongs to Southeast Asia has always been a bitter pill to swallow. Sure, you could hide your non-SEA IP address behind a proxy or VPN, but to many it seemed unnecessary. It was bad enough that after three years of promises the game was still not (officially) available to Americans and the US version of the game’s website had still not been updated…but to give it to another territory, *in English* even, soured many fan’s attitudes.

Which brings us to today’s news that the IP block for PSO 2’s SEA version has been removed, allowing anyone who wants to play the game’s only English language version to do so without any trickery.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free-to-play game and has been critisized by some as being a “play-to-win” experience, so would-be players might want to take that into account before diving in. You can take the plunge yourself by registering for and downloading the game on their official website.

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